Friday, February 8, 2013

Found Pictures

I was looking at some pictures and realized that I hadn't posted a picture of Jerry and his finished Framed Rectangles quilt.

Jerry first worked on this way back in July while he and Connie were visiting, and he finished it on a subsequent trip, but I didn't have it quilted for quite a while. Of course even after it was quilted I didn't give it to him. Noooooo, instead I put it on one of the guest beds and waited until he came to visit, hoping he would forget it was his and just leave it there.
Here's Jerry with the quilt. (I think he did a nice job!)
I think he likes it.
As I was putting this on the bed, I found a spot in the quilting that I didn't finish a loop. I ddn't fix it and think an appropriate name for this quilt would be "The Missing Loop."