Friday, July 15, 2022

Border Options

Does anyone else start thinking about their borders well before the quilt interior is fully sewn together? The blocks are made, but they are not together and my mind is racing with border ideas. This quilt has moved to the front of the line (over the Granny Square Quilt - whose borders have still not been decided!) because of an urgent need.

The quilt is called In a Flash, and it is from the Quick as a Wink 3-Yard Quilts booklet. I have enlarged the quilt to the Twin size (instructions are included in booklet), but am changing the borders. 

The quilt is needed quickly because it will be part of a fundraiser for a 23 year old friend of Jack's granddaughter who has just been diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I have been asked to use the Hodgkin's color (purple) and Lexi's favorite color (blue). Here are the original three fabrics I chose. 

I chose the pattern, not only because it can be made quickly, but because I see this as a very simplistic symbol of the path Lexi's is on right now. Let me try to explain...

The purple fabric has arcs in it and I have made sure that they are all in the proper orientation in the quilt. The arcs remind me of rainbows, and rainbows remind me of good things - kind of like the calm after a storm.  

This purple fabric is used for the big blocks and are a focal point (as is her disease right now), but they are surrounded by the light fabric. 

To me, the light fabric is her support system - her friends, family, and medical caretakers. We are there to help her and to protect her as much as possible. 

The final fabric includes a variety of shade of Lexi's favorite color - blue; but it also includes purple and a very light color similar to the lightest fabric. 

Can you see the flowers in the fabric? They make me smile! This fabric has it all - her happy color, her disease, and her support system. 

The pattern itself reminds me of a stepping stone or path. The disease is "in your face" right now, just like the big purple blocks. The blue and light fabric chain blocks represent Lexi's path to navigate through this terrible time, but they never stop or give up. They continue upwards and onwards and they include her support group to help her every step of the way. 

I am thinking of adding a fourth fabric - a fabric that will frame the blocks and "stop" the disease. 

The rest of the borders are still in the pondering stage. After the dark frame, I'm thinking of a small border of the purple (the disease), another small border of light (friends, family, etc.), and end with it being all about Lexi - the blue fabric. 

I'll share pictures of what I decide. 

This quilt will be auctioned off, which means that Lexi will not have it. But, I have enough fabric that I am planning to make a duplicate, only smaller to give to Lexi. Hopefully she can take it with her to treatments or just sit with it and know that she is surrounded by love.


  1. This is beautiful Joanne, both the quilt and the sentiment. Prayers for Lexi!

  2. Joann you are always so thoughtful and have a perspective that is inspiring and creative. You give much thought to your work and this one especially. Thinking of Lexi and will send my prayers for her.

  3. Thoughtfully executed from your heart which is strong and full of love ❤️