Thursday, February 7, 2013

Old Bags Day Recap, Part 2

Finally getting around to post more pictures from the sew-in on January 26th. For the first part of this recap, click HERE. For Recap, Part 3, click HERE.

For those who asked about the Quilter's Moonshine. It is not just water, but a concoction that is similar to Best Press. I'll post the recipe later today. (I promise!) Click HERE for the recipe.

A fair number of people were able to finish at least one quit top. Here is Mabel's. Nice job!

Martha was seeing stars... Isn't this fun?

Claire (our youngest participant) was making here first chenille quilt. It's all sewn and now she's cutting.
And she's still cutting...
Joan finished a really fun quilt top. Love this!
Yeah! The chenille is sewn. cut and bound. Now it just needs washed. Cute!!
Keeping it all in the family, Ann was also making her first chenille quilt. She used homespuns and I really like how this looks. This just needs to be bound and washed.
Don't you just love this quilt that Roberta showed us? I sure do!
 OK; there will be one last recap post, but I have to get dinner started and download the rest of the pictures. 

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