Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Camera Disaster

I sat down to transfer pictures from my camera to the computer and received a message that said "Clean the contact area of the disc with a dry cloth." I did as asked, reinserted the card and immediately received the same message. Of course, the other alternative is to re-format the disc. That of course is not really an option, as I have pictures from this past weekend's retreat and pictures I took tonight of Quinn. The pictures were so perfect. She was standing next to the stairs, holding on with one hand and laughing. The next picture is of her standing by herself, right before she took TWO STEPS!!! Well, I'm sending an e-mail to Olympus to see what they suggest I do. I sure hope there is some way to print those pictures. I tried hooking the camera up to the computer, but it hasn't worked. I'm so bummed!

On a happier note, the retreat was really fun and productive. Even though I didn't complete my normal number of projects, I did get a lot accomplished. I began work on the 2009 raffle quilt (Bonnie Hunter's Double Delight - with her approval) and that has a lot of small pieces. I have completed most of the square in a square units (I need to do 12 more I think) and all of the mini 9 patches are done. I needed to wait for the remaining square in a square pieces because I wasn't sure what I was going to do for the borders. I didn't want to cut into the rest of the fabric until I decided because that would mean that I would have to piece the borders; and I don't like doing that. Anyway, I also stated sewing the blocks together and I have one corner done. Today I decided how I am going to finish the quilt. I want to make a pieced border that I saw on another quilt. I have to e-mail that designer and make sure she doesn't have any objections to me using her border. I don't think it will be a problem because she has a ton of free patterns on her sight and this border is on one of those projects.

I also worked on a Patriotic UFO and have it all done except two borders. I decided to add pieced cornerstones and I need to resize and finish those ASAP. I really like the look of the quilt and wonder why it got put away in the first place.

Of course all of my retreat pictures are on my camera, so I don't have an to show you. Oh well.

Until next time.....

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