Sunday, May 24, 2009

Beautiful Day and Lots of Work Done

No pictures, but Jack and I got a lot done today. After church, lunch and basic sitting around deciding where things were going to get planted we got busy. The entire lawn got mowed, the old sedum got transplanted and the new sedum found a home along the front porch. The yellow marigolds and purple petunias got planted in front and the garden phlox got transplanted by the tiger lilies. I transplanted the yarrow and some of the black eyed susans. Everything up front got fertilized, mulched and watered, and everything that was planted and/or purchased yesterday got watered as well.

Tomorrow I will finish transplanting the black eyed susans and hopefully get the rest of the flowers in the ground. We're going to put the garden in a new area this year but we need to see how much sun the area we have in mind gets. We want the garden closer to the house and that limits the areas we can use. We'll know tomorrow and get busy prepping the ground!

We had to unlatch the shutters from upstairs because there were bats behind them. We don't care that they are there, they just poop all over the balcony and that is a pain to keep clean. We have to do this every year, so it isn't a big deal, just a pain.

Jack went to teach class tonight and while he was gone I worked on a couple of quilt designs that I've been playing with. I got the fabric yardage figured out and started to write up the pattern. Sometimes I do things backwards. I design the quilt and write out what I think will be the instructions. I use what I typed up as a guideline and change it as I sew and decide the best or easiest way to complete the quilt. I haven't done any sewing yet, but I hope to before I go to bed.

I love days like today. Beautiful weather, time to play in the dirt with the one you love, design a quilt or two and hopefully get some quilting in. Who could ask for more?

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