Monday, June 3, 2013

Berry Picking

We went berry picking at Ellen's yesterday and the berries were GREAT! If you live close by, check out Troy Mills Strawberry Farm outside Willard, OH. It is definitely worth the trip. The bonus for the day was that the kids had a blast.

Oh and my shameless plug here is that there are still cookbooks available. (You'll understand why I say it's a shameless plug if you look at the names at the bottom of the cover.)  :-) 

Contact the farm or me if you want one. They make great gifts and are a a great at $10 each.

Ok, back to the berry picking adventure. Look at this crew, all ready to work. Zach and Ty were with us, but Zach was watching Ronan and I don't know where Ty was when this picture was taken. He was probably already picking berries. 
Sadie didn't really wait for instructions, she just started picking. Don't you love the boots?

Quinn listened closely to Nikki from instructions on how to pick the best berries.

And then she got to work and did a really good job. I see a summer job in her near future! I didn't see it, but I was told that she has the making for a good supervisor. She was doing a bit of quality control out in the field.

Here's the yield from the first trip out. The youngsters (and pregnant one) needed a break. (Nikki stayed in the field and picked a bunch more. I think the total was 37 quarts.)

Speaking of breaks. Look what Quinn and Sadie did on their break. I think it looks like they had fun. Quinn is getting set on the horse and boy did she swing high. (There's Zach and Ty. I knew I had a picture of them somewhere.)
I don't think Sadie quit smiling the whole time she was on the horse.
And of course Ronan woke up and had to try a berry or two. He really likes them!
Sadie was so proud of her work!
And then of course she wanted to share. She takes a bite and then wants you to take a bite . Ummmmm, no thanks. You can eat it all Sadie. (While cleaning the berries last night, we found more than one stem that definitely had half a berry on it. You could see the bite marks.)
We all had a good time and I even got some work in helping customers - just like old times.
Of course we had strawberry shortcake today and there are two pies chilling in the fridge.  YUMMY!!

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