Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Good Things Happening

The last week or so has seen some really wonderful things happening around here; and although it's been busy, it has been great.

Halloween has always been a fun time for our family and Nikki has ALWAYS loved to make really great costumes for herself and her kids. Check out what she made this year.

Quinn was The Cowardly Lion until she got her badge of courage. Notice the courage?

And a close-up of the head. The ears are great!

I think Glenda the Good Witch (Sadie) was a little more interested in today's technology (a cell phone) than her magical wand.

Of course we all know that Dorothy was chased by those nasty little Flying Monkeys, right? Well it took me a long time and lots of shots to get a picture of Ronan as a Flying Monkey. It was really cute and he sure seemed to be flying around when I was trying to take his picture!

The only bad thing about these costumes was that it rained on Halloween and trick or treating was postponed until Saturday.
Unfortunately Nikki and Zach were busy on Saturday and couldn't take the kids out that night.

They were getting married!!!!  YEAH!!!

They did take the kids out with Zach's family on Sunday before they headed back to Cincinnati, so all of Nikki's efforts were not wasted. The kids had fun and it was a wonderful weekend.

I'll share more pictures later. Life sure is good!


Cindy Sharp said...

Those costumes are adorable!

Michelle said...

A flying monkey?! That is the *cutest* costume idea, and I love the way she pulled it off.

Anonymous said...

How cute the family theme was! Congratulations to the wedding couple.