Sunday, March 1, 2015

Success! Sort of...

I've been chronicling Quinn's cookie baking attempts today and here's the conclusion - Part 3 of 3.  Part 1    Part 2

The first batch of cookies are done and taken off the cooking sheet. 

Cookies, Healthy Cookies, Baking with Children

After anxiously waiting for them to cool, Quinn gave one to Grandpa Jack, me and then herself so we could taste and evaluate. We all decided that they were ok, but think we need to add more cinnamon and perhaps some honey, chopped apples or raisins. We added a touch of honey to the rest of the dough and I think Quinn's smile says it all.   

Cookies, Healthy Cookies, Baking with Children

In her words, "Grandma, we are on the right track! These are going to be GREAT when we figure it all out"

While the cookies were baking, Quinn finished writing her song and thinks that maybe she'll be a singing baker when she grows up. 

Music with Children

Jack and I were thrilled to be her "reward!" 

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