Thursday, March 23, 2017

Misc. Projects

I've been lax in posting pictures of projects lately so here you go...

This is a BIG disappearing nine patch that is created using 10" squares. Although I don't have a picture, this is quilted and bound.

I made another set of the Faith Hope and Love wall hangings. These make great gifts, hence the reason I needed to make another set. :-)

Although I use EQ a lot, I still like to use a sketch pad at times. This project is pieced, quilted, and bound. Yay! I'll share a picture of the finished project soon.

I have a few other projects done, but I don't have pictures of them. :-(

I also have a few projects done that I can't show yet. I'll be able to share them soon, and I'm looking forward to that.

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of a few projects some friends worked on while we were together. I love it when I see students/friends complete projects they started during a class with me. Of course I tell them that I feel like we should have joint custody of those projects, but no one seems to agree with that. 

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