Saturday, August 26, 2017

County Fairs and a Baby!

It's been a busy week. Monday, I judged all of the quilt categories at the Lorain County Fair. That was tremendous fun and there were some wonderful (and a lot!) of projects.

Wednesday, I traveled an hour and half from home to judge at the Morrow County Fair; and although there were not as many quilts there, they were beautiful. I always have mixed emotions when I'm asked to judge a quilt show or Fair. While it's exciting and wonderful to see all the beautiful quilts, I'm always a bit worried that I'll have a difficult time choosing the winners. Unlike the Lorain County Fair, judging for Morrow County was done before the Fair opened. Because of that, I don't want to show actual pictures of the quilts and their ribbons.  
I am careful to make comments on every single entry. I think every participant deserves to know what my thoughts are about their project, and not just my negative thoughts. I ALWAYS find a positive, even when a quilter has entered his/her project in the wrong category and is disqualified. Because of that, it takes me quite a long time to judge. I don't mind though. I get to look at and touch quilts the entire time I'm there.  😊 

I did get some quilting done recently. I finished binding the Celebrate the Season banners, but I don't have a good picture. I'll be sure to get one and post it soon.

I also completely finished my Sunset Strips quilt.

I had extra blocks and not enough of any single fabric for the backing, so I pieced one. 

Even with all of the wonderful quilts at the Fairs and my completions, the highlight of the week was Tuesday when we all joined Lynn and Ty in welcoming a new baby to the family! Layne John was born at 7:48am.   

The girls stayed with Ty's parents Monday night and arrived at the hospital around 9:00. They could hardly contain their excitement!

We're all thrilled to have another grandchild and they entire family is doing well. The girls just adore their brother! I think he's happy with them too. 

Thursday was the first day of school for Nikki's kids. Quinn is in 4th grade, Sadie is in 2nd, and Ronan is in Kindergarten. I think they were all excited to begin.

This picture was posted on the school's Facebook page. I'm not sure what Ronan's thinking here, but he told me that he had a "great day!"

Ty is taking some time off work to be with Lynn, so I'm subbing for him until after Labor Day. I'm enjoying the opportunity to teach Sociology, Government, and World History. That's my certification area and I don't often get the chance to actually teach because I'm usually only in the classroom for a day or two. 

This weekend is being spent sewing, reading, and catching up on housework. What are you doing this weekend?


The Joyful Quilter said...

Congrats! on your newly completed quilt AND that new grandson!!

Brenda Ratliff said...

Your Sunset Strips quilt turned out so great! I love using the extra pieces for the back! It looks so nice!