Saturday, November 11, 2017

Veterans Day

Thank you for your service Veterans!

I was honored to present nine veterans with Quilts of Honor yesterday and will present the final two later this weekend. This was a wonderful part of the school program and one that I always find amazing and emotional.

Ignore the first picture. That is not from this program.

Here's another Norwalk Reflector link that includes a few more pictures 

 Below are a few pictures, but there will be more to come soon, including individual pictures of all eleven quilts. 

The quilts are ready to be presented in front of the entire school district and a number of community members.

The recipients and their quilts. Quilts were presented to spouses of two staff members, one WWII Army nurse, and six Korean War Veterans. The two who will receive theirs later are WWII Veterans. 

 The recipients and the three young ladies who help me with these presentations. I love this pictures!

It is such an honor to do this.

Thank you Veterans.


Linda Swanekamp said...

This is oh-so-wonderful. Thank you for the post. My grandson is presenting one quilt I made to his uncle tomorrow at school.

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