Monday, June 11, 2018

Design Wall Monday

If you read my last post, you know that my house has been filled with even more laughter and happiness than usual because my six sisters were here. Even though the majority went home yesterday, Pat and Annie are still here because Pat's flight doesn't leave until this afternoon and Annie is taking her to the airport. 

Lots of fun projects were worked on and many were completed over the past five days, but this quilt remains on my design wall.

Dream Big panel, Hoffman Fabrics, Design Wall Monday

Isn't this beautiful? The center is the Dream Big panel by Hoffman Fabrics and this picture does not do it justice. It is striking, as are all the colorways available.

I have to be honest. This is on my design wall, but it's not my quilt. It's Pat's and we are trying to decide how to quilt this. A Google search produced a bunch of amazing options, so now we are more unsure than ever. It doesn't matter though; I'm ok with having this on the wall and looking at it over and over and over...

Paula worked with the same panel and planned her borders to go in reverse order of the colors in the flower. This picture was taken in haste as she was packing up to go home. I don't know why she was not receptive to the idea of leaving the quilt with me. :-)

Dream Big panel, Hoffman Fabrics, Design Wall Monday

Terri bought the grey panel, but kept that tucked away to be worked on at home. It is beautiful too and I can't wait to see what she does with it. 

Dream Big panel, Hoffman Fabrics, Design Wall Monday

This afternoon, I plan to spend some time cleaning and reorganizing the sewing room. I've had some discussions with a couple of the sisters about making some layout changes and look forward to trying them. I'm excited about the possibilities and hope that this also helps me purge a few things that have been gathering dust for quite some time. Maybe I'll host a giveaway or two.

What's on your design wall today?

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Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl said...

The panels are lovely and I have enjoyed seeing how they have been used. I hope everyone has safe trips home!

Rebecca Grace said...

Beautiful use of those panels! Glad you had a fun visit with family.

Suze said...

I can only imagine the fun. I have no idea what it's like to have a real sister. I was an only girl with two older brothers. Then in grade school, I attended a one room school where I was the only girl in my grade. I still very anti-social around females. I've been told it's just my perception. I bet you girls had fun, fun, fun! I love the panels you ladies chose. They are phenomenal. I bet you are exhausted and also energized.