Friday, June 20, 2008

Babies make life so much better

Have you ever noticed how babies can make you forget about your worries and pain? Now I don't know if it's true, but I really think that Quinn was pretty excited to be coming to visit me today. I snapped this picture as she was "talking and laughing" soon after she arrived. If I was the swearing type, I'd swear that she was telling me the story about what she said to Nikki when she found out she was going to spend the morning with me! (Okay, I know that is stretching it a bit because she's only 10 weeks old, but you can let me dream can't you? )

I love this picture and think it is my new favorite picture. Did you notice the hair clips trying to control the hair? I think they are adorable, and I can't believe that Quinn leaves them alone.

We were at the funeral home earlier today, and that sure was difficult. Ben was such a nice young man and had tons of friends. I feel so bad for his parents. I just can't imagine losing a child, especially one so young. I got an e-mail from Ashley's grandmother today and she said that the recovery is going slowly, but progressing. I'll keep her in my prayers.

I think about Ben and then look at Quinn and realize how precious life really is! While Quinn was here today, she took a long nap and I was able to just sit and watch her. (I should have been sewing; but hey, they grow up so fast that I wanted to just look at her.) I'm just guessing here, but I like to think that Quinn was dreaming about how comfy her quilts are and that they help her sleep more soundly.

I'm hosting a 13 mile training walk tomorrow and hope that we have a nice morning. We're starting at 8:00, so I hope we beat the heat. Speaking of walking, I'm going to be doing quite a bit of that over the next week.

Jack and I leave Sunday morning for Burr Oak. We'll be spending time with some of my siblings and their families until Thursday afternoon, when the men and children leave and Mom and the sisters offically begin the "Sisters' Weekend." Jack and I plan to walk, fish, read, and just plain relax. I'm taking my sewing machine and a couple of projects. I want to complete a T-shirt quilt that I'm working on and maybe get a good start on my Ohio Star/Rail Fence quilt. I just started that project, but it is pretty easy. The rail fence blocks are done, (71 of them - they are so easy) and I have four of the Ohio Star blocks done. The blocks finish 6" and I have to make a total of 72 star blocks. The quilt is for me, so if I don't get much done it's not a big deal. I'll add pictures when I return.

There is very little cell phone coverage and no internet access at the house we rent in Burr Oak, so I won't be able to post or check e-mail for a week. It will feel strange, but I think I'll live. I'll post when I return.

Have a great week everyone!!

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