Monday, May 16, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Ok, the Hunter's Star is still on the wall, sort of...
I'm running out of the dark blue fabric so I'm kind of just looking at it trying to decide what to do. I really wanted to make this larger and not just by adding wide borders. The problem is that the fabric is at least six years old so finding it in a quilt shop is a real long shot. I'm beginning the on-line search but I'm not very confident that it'll be found. The manufacturer is Bali Fabrications and it's labeled FB-4 Dark/Blue on the bolt. Yes, I really liked this fabric because I bought the remainder of a bolt and it wasn't cheap. In my defense, I have used it a lot! Of course when I started the Hunter's Star quilt I wasn't expecting to like it so much and want to make it large. I should have known better. Oh well. Here's what the fabric looks like.
If you'd like a reason to fondle your stash and see if you have this, I'd make it worth your while. :-)

Until I either find this fabric or get tired of waiting, I'm back to working on my Glacier Star.

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Eden said...

How much bigger do you want to make it? What if you did a row all the way around the current top in a fabric that is a shade lighter or darker? Or even two rows, one lighter and then even lighter so it appears to fade out toward the edge of the quilt. I think that would look really cool to have a high contrast center with the pattern fading out toward the outside. Of course the crowning thing would be to add a small border of the same dark fabric to contain it all... but then you are back to the same problem of needing more fabric! Can't wait to see it done!