Saturday, November 19, 2011

Done Shopping

Well, the wedding dress shopping was not an overwhelming success. :-(

The shop didn't have any of the dresses in which Lynn was interested. When she called to make the appointment, she asked if they carried the brand/maker that she likes and they said yes. She didn't think she needed to check all the model numbers, but I guess she shoud have. I'm not sure but I don't think they had any (maybe one) of the ones she had seen on line, but the saleslady did pull some that were close.

There was one dress that she liked alot, and Becky (Ty's mom) and I really liked it also. It was very flattering and she really looked great in it. I think she's going to call another shop (near Cleveland) that carries the brand she likes and ask them if they have the actual model numbers. I guess I'll be dress shopping at least one more time.

We did make a stop at Pat Catan's and were delighted with being able to find everything she was looking for. She even spoke to a manager about a possible discount on buying a large numbrer of candles and he agreed. What was really funny though is after he agreed and we were checking out, the candles were on sale for $1 less than the discounted price, which was 30%. Of course we got a few extra just in case they're needed. :-)

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