Friday, July 6, 2012

Recent Fun

The last three weeks have been very busy and I'm finally getting around to sharing some pictures. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the annual Girls' Weekend at Burr Oak.

Here's Mom checking out the sparrow clothes pins that Pat gave me. They are adorable - Mom and the clips!

Speaking of birds, there is a hummingbird feeder that hangs right outside the kitchen window. Every year we enjoy watching the birds and this year was no exception.

I even snapped a picture of two birds enjoying a drink at the same time. Can you see the reflection of my camera in the top right? I think that's funny.  :-)

Speaking of enjoying a drink...While out one afternoon, we made a quick stop.

And we SCORED!! (At least Pat did; but she's nice and shared.)


To read more about the Sister's Weekend, check out this blog post, and this one. Here's another one too. There was some sewing done that weekend, but more importantly, we just enjoyed each others' company. I'd share more, but I have to be careful. We have a rule that what happens at Burr Oak, stays at Burr Oak.  :-)

I hope you get the enjoy some quality time with your siblings!

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