Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's My Turn! Have a Latte Hop

It's My Turn!

As with all of the blog hops hosted by Mdm. Samm, this one has been a pleasure.
Thanks Mdm. Samm for all you do 

and for Joan over at MooseStash Quilting 
for being our wonderful cheerleader! 

Have a Latte

Dan DiPaolo struck gold when he designed the 
Have a Latte line 
for Clothworks! 

It is so much fun and was a pleasure to work with it. 

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the rest of today's participants

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So what did I make with my fabric? 
Why a quilt of course!

A number of years ago I made a quilt I called Caffeine Chaos. I enjoyed making that quilt, loved the fabrics I used, and thought about revising that pattern for this hop. After some careful consideration, I decided that I was going to challenge myself to do something different. Besides, Caffeine Chaos is kind of negative and I wanted to do something a little more positive. hehehe

So, that's how Caffeine Clarity was born!

Have a Latte Blog Hop

I had an epic camera fail and was unable to upload my finished quilt  pictures, so all of the pictures posted today are pre-quilting.  :-( 
What's that you say? 
"Why didn't you just take new pictures?" 
That, of course would have been the easy solution except that the quilt is not with me. It's on its way to a friend's house who if going to use it for a project at her church. 
I could have stressed over this, but instead I poured myself a cup of coffee, sat down and decided that in the whole scheme of things, this really isn't that big of a deal.   

This quilt pretty much described my daily ritual. 

Notice the top row, the calmness. 

That's me sleeping and I'm sure I'm having some awesome dreams. 
I think I'm in some really deep REM pattern here. :-)

Have a Latte Blog Hop

Then, out of nowhere comes a jolting noise announcing that it's time to get up and start the day. 

Sometimes I hit the snooze button and even though I may fall back to sleep, it's not nearly as calm and peaceful as before. 

Have a Latte Blog Hop

Then that darn noise again, blaring at me to wake up and get moving!

I get out of bed and make my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth and shower. I'm starting to wake up and the shower certainly helps, but what really makes my eyes open and my brain start to function is the smell of fresh coffee brewing. 

Have a Latte Blog Hop

The aroma of the brewing coffee slowly makes it's way upstairs and my blurry eyes start to lose their redness and everything is becoming much clearer.

Awe! That first cup of coffee! So delicious and wonderful!

Have a Latte Blog Hop

It's quickly followed by a second cup, and life is looking good.

And finally, as I prepare for work and pour that "cup of joe" into my favorite mug to take with me, I start to feel giddy about how truly blessed I am and what wonderful people I have in my life. It's surprising how quickly I move in the morning and how quickly the coffee pot gets emptied. :-)

Although is isn't always easy, I like to find the positive and fun side of everyone and every situation and coffee certainly helps make that happen. (I think the big dot fabric is just plain fun - even without having consumed caffeine!)

Have a Latte Blog Hop

It's time to buckle down and get to work and coffee certainly helps keep me on track and get things done. 

But then there is that time in the late afternoon when I start to feel sluggish and my mind begins wander. I need to get back to business and get things done.

Have a Latte Blog Hop

So, what is a girl to do? 
Pour herself a nice big fresh cup of coffee, of course!   

Have a Latte Blog Hop

Awe, back on track!
Life is good!

Thanks for stopping by.
Grab a seat and treat yourself to a cup of coffee or other beverage of choice. 
You deserve it!


Elizabeth Coughlin said...

What a unique and lovely quilt!

Mdm Samm said...

how coffee was born, so clever.

Julie said...

Adding the blocks into the chevron pattern was very clever and modern. Thanks for sharing.

Calicojoan said...

A little time travel thru the latte day! Oh how I love this!

Carol said...

This is such a great way to show how coffee makes your day go...cute, cute quilt! Love it!

Anita said...

Great quilt!

Needled Mom said...

Very cute, Joanne! I love following the day through your very clever design. It also makes for a beautiful quilt.

Lana said...

This was SO CREATIVE!!!!! you spent a LOT of time on this and it really paid off!!!! AWESOME!

Mary said...

Great idea on your quilt. I hope you get your pictures of the finished quilt uploaded. Clever idea.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Even without the quilting it's gorgeous! I love the design.... blessings, marlene

Judy B said...

What a unique quilt to show your day! Thank you for sharing.

Allison CB said...


Mary Ann said...

Way cool design made more so with the story of your day. It is great how you translated it into a quilt. Thanks so much for sharing.

tink's mom said...

What a wonderful imagination. You totally brought that quilt to life even if we didn't see the quilting.

LJ said...

I've always heard that our quilts tell a story but this quilt definitely had a story to share!!! It's a wonderful quilt made ever so much more because of your story. Sure hope you can copy this story and attach/keep it with the quilt for others to enjoy in the future!

Createology said...

Fabulous quilt and story of how Latte gets you going each morning. Life is Good! Thank you sew very much for Latte Hopping and participating. Creative Latte Bliss...

Scrapatches said...

This is wonderful! I love the zig zag effect and the placements of the fussy cut cups and coffee pots add the perfect accents. This is such a creative use of the fabric line. Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing in the hop ... :) Pat

Soma Acharya said...

Fabulous!! Hope your friend can send you a photo of the finished quilt.


Amy said...

Very cute design. I think I need a little coffee "caffeine clarity" on a daily bases. Love the quilt.

Alla Blanca said...

Love the story behind your quilt. Art is even better when there is a story to tell--and coffee always comes with a story, doesn't it?

Candice said...

Very fun design! Love how you challenged yourself to try something different!

Sunshine Girl said...

What a fabulous way to spend a day! Love the way you have incorporated your day into a quilt - very inspired!

Carla said...

Great idea to add the coffee blocks to the chevron. It's a great quilt and really showcases these fabrics.

Linda said...

Beautiful quilt!! I love your design and the story it tells! How fun!