Saturday, January 7, 2017

Two Quilts!

One simple block, made 64 times, and I've got the insides of two quilts completed. Here's the simple, scrappy nine patch block, snowballed which makes it end up on point.

This is simple to make, especially if you are using left over jelly roll strips, or 2 1/2" stash strips. I had a variety of strips left over from a jelly roll (I can't remember the name!), as well as some "kid-friendly" scraps from fat quarters. I cut all of my strips 2 1/2" x 22" and made strip sets. I thought that would be quicker than working with all 2 1/2" squares, but provide a bit more variety than working with 42" strips. Because I wanted to use all the fabric scraps, I made a total of 24 strip sets and then cut them into a total of 192 - 2 1/2" segments, which resulted in 64 - Nine Patch blocks.

I added triangles to each block (snowballed the blocks) and after trimming, the blocks measured 9", unfinished. I showed this step HERE and HERE

I used 30 blocks for this straight layout.

I used 33 blocks for this staggered layout.

I've decided to add a small floating border of the black to both quilts and then begin the stash search for outside borders. Right now, both quilts measure about 42" x 51" and I'm thinking about adding a 2" floating border. That's only because all the squares measure 2" finished; and because if I do that, I will use up most of the black fabric. The little bit that is left will be cut and put into the strip bins that I've started. It sure feels good to have made these entirely from stash. Yippee!! 

I've still been working on the Disappearing Nine Patch blocks. Here's the progress of that so far.

Pretty soon, this will be the "main" project and I'll be starting a new leader and ender. It just so happens that I'm ready for that. 😄

I want to make a quick rag quilt for a mid-January birthday gift and I've pulled the fabrics. These are cut and ready to sew. I even have the batting ready, but that isn't pictured here. I'm using rectangles instead of squares, just because I wanted something a little different. I'll post pictures of this as I start working on it.

Enjoy your weekend! It's cold here and I plan to spend a good amount of time hanging out by the sewing machine. I hope you get that opportunity as well.

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