Friday, April 6, 2018

Quilt Finishes

I was able to finish the Star Light Star Bright quilt that I showed on Monday and am happy with the results. My quilt has quite a different layout than the one shown on the pattern, but I don't mind at all. While I know that it's usually the picture on a pattern that draws people to a particular quilt, I really like to see the finished product take on the personality of the quilt maker. I'm not a quiet or shy person by any means and this bolder layout is more fitting for me. 


I chose a fun backing that I had on hand and think it adds a nice feel to the quilt. It's much more subdued than the bright fabrics on the front.

I only have two pictures of this quilt because it was raining and although I don't mind taking pictures during a light rain, it started to rain harder and the raindrops were getting on my lens. I want to get more later and will share when I do.

Before the rain chased us inside, Jack and I were able to get a few pictures of my Sonoma quilt. This one was taken out back by the ravine where I took the Star Light Star Bright pictures. I love the backdrop and try to get pictures here often. 

Before we headed to the back for pictures, we spent some time in the front of the house and used the balcony to hang quilts. For large quilts, our balcony works well I needed some pictures of Breezy, a quilt I made to test an upcoming pattern by Rachel Rossi. I made the king size version of the quilt and posted about it HERE, before the borders were added. It was too big for me to quilt on my own, so my friend Judy quilted it and I love how it looks. I'll post those pictures in the next couple of days.  

Because he was already up there and it wasn't raining too much, we hung Sonoma out there too. I'm glad we did because we had fun with these pictures! This is what I saw when I came around the corner of the house. Jack was just hanging around waiting for me. 

He looks kind of bored, doesn't he?

I take a few close up pictures first... 

and then look up to see Jack in this pose. He said that he's "looking out at his realm." I asked what he sees and he says "many, many quilts!"

I think the quilt hangs nicely from the balcony.

I am so lucky that Jack supports and even encourages my quilting. I'm not sure how many husbands would go to the lengths he does with helping me get pictures. He even keeps a list of locations he thinks would be good for quilt pictures. 

Stop back tomorrow for an announcement about some changes that will be coming the Everyone Deserves a Quilt. I'm excited, but a bit nervous too. 

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Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl said...

I loved reading that your husband has a list of photography locations for your quilts; that is awesome! The quilts are beautiful, and hanging from your balcony is a fantastic location, too. I look forward to seeing more of the king size finish.