Monday, March 22, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Not much on my wall right now because I have a visiting almost 2-year old granddaughter (Quinn) that is taking my attention away from quilting, plus I'm getting things ready for my class tonight. I should have taken the time to do this last night, but of course I didn't.

As to my design wall, there really isn't anything on it, but I am finishing up an embroidery order for the local high school basketball senior cheerleaders. This was a rush order because the mom who ordered them got her days confused and needs them tonight, not tomorrow. I have to leave for work in about an hour, but the last towel is on the hoop and I can toss them in the washer/dryer and have them ready before I leave.

While the embroidery is being done, I've been sewing more of the 5 inch squares to make my 4-Patch units. I am on the last of those. I decided to do this rather than something that might require concentration because I want to be able to hear both the embroidery and Quinn.

Quinn is at the table drawing pictures for me. As you can see, she doesn't care if she uses her left or right hand! It's fun to watch her switch. Yesterday she was drawing with both hands at the same time!

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