Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A "DUHHHH" Moment Can Be Good

Have you ever spent over an hour looking for something, knowing exactly where it should be, but for some reason it's not there? Well, I just did that. I went directly to this drawer to get my Piping Hot Binding Tool by Susan K. Cleveland so I could review the procedure before adding piping to the wedding ring quilt. (Mind you I haven't even layered this quilt yet, but I wanted to prepare for the piping. Actually, I don't feel like layering the quilt and I'm using this "be prepared" idea as an excuse and so far it's working.)

As you can see, the cording is there but not the tool! I haven't used this tool in a long time, but I was sure that I put it back in this drawer. Why would the cording be here, but not the tool? I looked in all the drawers of this little unit - twice - but it wasn't there. I started looking around the sewing room and NOTHING!!! I made a mess, but didn't find my tool.

Now here's the good part. While I was looking (and making a mess), I decided that I might as well organize some of this stuff so it won't be such a pain to go through the next time I misplace something. :-)

Did I find the tool? No, but I think I may know what happened to it. I know that I took it to show a friend how the tools works because she was thinking of buying one, but wasn't sure and wanted to try it first. Well, that's the last time I saw it, so I've placed a call to her to see if perhaps I left it there. She's REALLY organized and I'm sure she'll find it right away, if it's there. Of course, that means I have to plan a trip to Westlake to pick it up, but I'll worry about that later-once I know she has it.

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