Monday, March 14, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Well, it happened again. I missed the stash report! I got busy yesterday and before I knew it, it was pretty late and I was too lazy to look at my list and post the report. I know, I'm a slacker!

I wasn't going to shirk my posting duties two days in a row, so here's what's on my design wall today.
I have to admit that this is a new project and that I SHOULD be working on a UFO or two, or three.... Hey wait a minute. Doesn't UFO mean "Unrelenting Fabric Obsession"? If that's the case, then I AM working on a UFO! I've had a couple of Bali Pops that I bought a while ago, not knowing how I was going to use them and it's been bugging me. Here's where I used one. (I just realized that I never posted a picture of the finished quilt. I'll do that soon.)

Well, the other Bali Pops were distracting me so I decided I better find a pattern that would be perfect for them. (I didn't want this gnawing at me for months, right?) :-) Anyway, I decided on the Stepping Stones pattern by Judy Niemeyer and I HAD to pair up the fabrics.
Of course the next problem I had was that I wanted to see what a block would look like, so.........
I had to make a block!

Ok, now I can get back to my "Unfinished Objects"! Well, maybe not.

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Lynne in Hawaii said...

Now that you have made a block, doesn't that make this a UFO???

Chris said...

I like your definition of UFO. I might need to embrace this idea :)

ANudge said...

Oh my, that is going to be some quilt. Look forward to seeing it.

Sue Daurio said...

your stepping stones is going to be just wonderful, can't wait to see it finished.