Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cookie Solution #1

Ok, here's what I was talking about with the key cookies. This is a picture of one of the better looking cookies after it was frosted with a glaze that hardens and shines when it dries. I should have taken a picture before it was frosted, but I forgot. See how the bottom right of the cookie is "fat" and not defined? That is what I'm trying to fix. Of course I decided to go ahead and frost these even though they aren't great. This is a pretty messy frosting job, but I was just playing around with my options.

I decided to see how it would look if I cut out rectangles and used the cookie cutter as part of the decoration/frosting rather than the shape. Again, this was just a test so the rectangle isn't perfect.

In another test, I cut out some hearts and frosted them in red. After they dried, I took the key cookie cutter and just "cut" a key-shaped outline in the center of the heart. (I tried to get a picture but I couldn't get it to come out right so you can see the key in the middle of the cookie.) It's not bad, but I like the rectangle cookie above better. I even like the ragged edge of the key. I think it's fitting for Halloween season.  :-)
I've got another recipe to try (thanks Heleen), so I'll keep you posted.


Rebecca said...

Did you try chilling the dough after you cut the cookie and before you baked it?
It worked better for me that way the one and only time I made cookie cutter cookies.

Cindy Sharp said...

Sorry it isn't working the way you had hoped. Have fun eatting up all of the "fails"!