Monday, October 29, 2012

Design Wall Monday - Sort of

The Vintage is still up on the wall - half together! I really need to finish this, but I keep finding other things that need done and this just stays as is.  :-(

I did finish my Christmas version of Candy Corn. I wasn't sure if the project would be quilted and bound before tomorrow's private lesson, but it is and all the "steps" samples are ready too!

I decided that I didn't like the binding on this little quilt. I thought it was boring and blended into the outside border too much, so I added a very small flange. I used the same white/gold fleck fabric used in the praire points and bound it in the same red as the praire points. I like it much better! Here's a close up.
I'd like to sew tonight, but since the lights keep flickering off and on, I think I just better do some handwork.
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Dar said...

Your candy corn is cute. I agree that the little flange adds a touch of brightness and contrast.