Thursday, October 25, 2012


I'm baking cookies for the bank tonight (ok, it's technically morning) and the cut-outs did not turn out as planned. :-(

The bank bought a key cookie cutter, which is ok, but the cookies puff up too much and the key becomes unrecognizable. I've tried two different recipes and both of them did this. I've tried making the cookies thinner, but that didn't matter. ARGGGGHHHH  I'm frustrated!

Anyone have a cut-out recipe that doesn't puff up too much that they'd be willing to share? I'm going to send what I have tomorrow (later this morning actually), but try something else for the balance of the order for Friday.

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Heleen Groot said...

Oh honey! That is a horrible thing to happen! I always use Nigella Lawson's recipes, she is my go to cook! These hold their shape beautifully and are good with or without icing! Check it here: