Friday, January 4, 2013


I can't upload pictures! ARRRGGGGG!!!

I tried last night and it didn't work so I thought I'd try again this morning. NOTHING!

I can get to the pop-up box where I'm supposed to be able to upload pictures, and it says that I can upload jpeg, gif, and png files, but there is no little browse files box . So I can't figure out how to upload pictures from my computer. Along the side, it says I can upload from the blog, my phone, a picasa web album, a webcam or a URL, but nothing is listed for my computer.

I really don't like feeling so technologically challenged!

I hope to figure this out soon and be back on track. I have some good pictures to post!


Cathy said...

When that happens to me I delete my Browsing history which includes cookies. I hope that works for you. Sometimes I restart my computer and that works for me too. Wishing you a beautiful day,

barbara woods said...

i just got back on from having my computer worked on and ran into the same thing. we may have to use that site where they put our pictures from now on. if you figure it out please llet me know what you did.

Carolyn Sullivan said...

I was interested in what you did to get your pics back. I had uploaded Google Chrome, probably just an update. But it didn't play well w regular Google and I couldn't post pics. When I went to my blog on Google Chrome, I could then post pics! I sent them a message I hope you did too.