Monday, April 28, 2014

Design Wall Monday

Remember when I said that I wanted to start piecing something and that I would do it after all my bindings were done? Well...I didn't wait. 

I did work on more bindings, but I couldn't wait to start this next project. The fabric had been sitting on the cutting table just waiting for me and my sketches were right next to the chair where I sit to bind. Both kept calling my name and I had no way to stop them, other than pick them up and start sewing. :-)

This started as two Mimi charm packs and a bunch of the green and cream fabric from my stash. The little brown squares were also from stash and for some reason it was out on the cutting table. So, rather than put less than 1/2 yard of fabric back into my stash I decided to use it. I soon realized that this was a binding possibility for one of those quilts I have in waiting. Well, I guess that decision's been made and I'm using the other brown!  :-)

This has a bit more muted look to it than the quilts I usually make, but I like it. I'm already playing with some fabric variations to make another one as a donation quilt. It's the ideal size for donating (60" x 72" without a border) to the group I'm thinking about. 

I don't feel too guilty about working on this rather than binding. This was so simple and quick that I won't have to spend but another hour or so to finish the top. All I have to do is sew the top four rows to each other and add it to the other eight rows. Yippie!! I may add a border, but I'd have to search for fabric to do that. Perhaps less is more and I'll just quilt and bind it. (More binding to add to the pile!)

While I was piecing this, I was doing a leaders and enders thing and this is the result of that.

Check back tomorrow to see how these have changed and more about how I've done them.

Want to be inspired? 
Check out Judy L's Patchwork Times to see what other quilters have on their design walls today. 


Ramona said...

Love your nine patches! Your new creation is so soothing and soft. The pattern is lovely.

dorothy said...

I like the quilt that called your name just like it is! That one doesn't even need borders! How cool is that, but yea a binding to stop those triangles from running away.
(found you through Judy's page.)

Sue Daurio said...

LOVE those nine patches!

Needled Mom said...

I love the green one and the leaders and enders are such a great bonus.