Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday Archives - Bindings or Birds

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This week is all about  BINDINGS and everything and anything BIRDS

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Well, I don't think I have anything bird related, so I guess it's all about bindings for me.

I looked at my quilt pictures and didn't find any that really featured the bindings, which is funny because I really like to do binding work. I machine stitch them down and hand stitch them to the back unless I've been requested to do it all by machine.

I don't think I machine bind very well, but I do try. I usually baste the binding in place and them use a decorative stitch to finish it off. These burp cloths I made for Avery are kind of like that. Lynn and I liked the look of the blanket stitch on the back when it didn't line up directly on the binding fabric. We both thought it looked like the lacing on baseballs and since we both like baseball, we did this on purpose.

I do like to use stripe fabric, cut on the bias for bindings, but I don't have any good pictures of that. :-(  I guess I need to be more mindful of my picture taking.

I have made a few bindings that were a bit challenging, mostly because they were an irregular shape or pieced while trying to match up things. Here are two examples of that. 

First is my Down the Rabbit Hole Hexagon quilt. This was one of the first (if not the first) quilt that I thought I figured out how to bind the irregular corners and actually liked how it turned out.

This Ohio Quilt (you've seen this before), has the specially pieced binding that was also very large and has odd angles. I like my concept, but in reality this binding is not constructed very well. I have often that that I should redo it and make it look better.

What bindings or birds would you like to feature? Maybe you just want to see some other wonderful creations. 

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Valerie Reynolds said...

Joanne...you work is so very unique! Thank you for the shout out too:)