Monday, July 7, 2014

Design Wall Monday

I had a wonderful long weekend with family and friends! There was some quilting involved, so that made it even better.  :-)  

Ann was working away on her fabric boxes while Jerry and I played with a variation of Fractal.

This is one of those quilts that can have a variety of visual impact options. For instance, the designer Jeni Baker, see's bow tie blocks, while I immediately see stretched stars. I've made a stretched star quilt before, so maybe that's why still in my brain. Who knows? 

I put my half square triangle blocks up on the wall with no plan other than to not have two like fabrics together. I still see the stretched star, which is the look I like. This is only half of the blocks so this quilt will end up being a good size. I used a solid black for the background and two Lovely charm packs .  

Of course Jerry started to play, so now I have a few options for another quilt, or the back of this one. (I do have two more Lovely charm packs!) 

This one is nice. The big stars are created by simply rotating the half square triangles. In this picture, I've alternated florals with more solid-reading fabrics, but I have not used the same fabrics for all four star points. Only each of the opposing points use the same fabrics. I have enough of each fabric that I can make all the points the same, so I'm going to see what that looks like. 

I didn't take any pictures of other layout options yet. I will do so and then have to make my decision. Isn't it nice to have options? 

Here's Jerry's quilt using the original layout. He used a solid purple for the background and various solids for the "prints." I really like this!

I toyed with the idea of using some solids I had but opted for the florals instead. I may just have to make one using solids.  :-)

What's on your design wall today?

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