Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4th!

Happy July 4th Everyone!

Monday, I posted a letter about ringing bells on July 4th. 
You can read about it HERE.

Our forefathers worked tirelessly to draft documents that were the first steps toward our nation's independence. Without them, who knows where we'd be. 

And as you celebrate our nation's birthday today, please remember the men and women who fought long and hard in order to ensure out freedom. Without them, our lives would be quite different.

Please read the words below, spoken by Dwight D. Eisenhower. Read them again, and know in your hearts that we must cherish our freedoms every day. EVERY DAY! We must never lose sight of where we are, and how we got here.

And finally, please join me at 2:00 this afternoon in ringing a bell in honor of our freedom and our nation. 

It doesn't matter what kind of bell you ring.


Just ring a bell, shake your keys, etc. and remember the words inscribed on the Liberty Bell: 

"Let us proclaim liberty throughout the land unto all the inhabitants thereof."

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