Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Old Bags' Day Pictures

This past Saturday, October 25th, I hosted an Old Bags' Day sew-in and as usual, it was wonderful! I loved hearing the humming of 28 sewing machines, the laughter of such a fun group of ladies and hearing the "oohs and ahhs" when completed projects were shown. I love to see the camaraderie of quilters sharing a meal, helping each other and giving their opinions on how to layout all those wonderfully pieced blocks. Although most of the group have been coming for a while, we had some new attendees this time, and it didn't take long before they were "just one of the gang."

I didn't get pictures of every project that was being worked on or every project that was completed and I feel bad about that and apologize to those who aren't pictured here. Kare was not able to join us this time so I was spread a bit thin. (Oh, I don't often get to use the word thin in the same sentence when I'm talking about myself so I'm thrilled to do it here. If only this would help me lose weight, I'd host these events every day of the week.)  :-)

Here are the pictures I did get.

Chris finished the inside of her adorable log cabin quilt. She started another one that I didn't get a picture of, but can't wait to see. It's grey, pink and white. ADORABLE!    

Connie learned to miter corners and did an awesome job!

I love the border she added. It makes this quilt even better! When she finished these borders, Connie began work on another quilt, one that uses 2 1/2" strips. I can't wait to see it, as it is going to be gorgeous!

Debbie was busy with other projects, but here's the pinwheel quilt she worked on. Not bad for someone who was in pain with gout!

Fran made this tumbler mini and it is just plain adorable! Sis was also making tumbler pot holders and I didn't get a picture of them, darn it! She also worked on binding them. They were beautiful and were made using awesome Christmas fabrics. 

Fran worked on her Charming Star blocks too. I love these fabrics!

Here's Janet's version of the Charming Stars. It is wonderful and ready for quilting! I love how different these all look.

I didn't get pictures of it, but Pam was working on her Charming Star quilt too. Mabel has finished hers and it is beautiful! Of course, no pictures! I'm not positive what Mabel was working on, but we did look at a couple of projects that she needed help figuring out. Thanks for you help with that Ann!

Besides helping me get things organized and stay organized, Ann worked on a number of fabric books. She does awesome work and I wish I had taken pictures for you to see.

Of course I didn't get pictures of April either, but she spent a bunch of time helping get things ready for lunch and then again for dinner. Thanks April! 

Even though she had her appendix out on Tuesday, Judy was busy and made this gorgeous Lovers' Knot quilt top. I love these colors and fabrics!

Karen was a busy quilter making this beauty! I love this and think I may have to make one for myself.

Karen also worked on this stunning quilt but now she has some decisions to make. I don't think she has enough fabric to add more rows so I can't wait to see how she finishes this.

Speaking of busy. After an early "my machine won't turn on" scare (it worked but the front screen wouldn't light up), Kathy got right to work piecing some beautiful table runners. These were all made using a 60 degree triangle ruler and some awesome striped fabrics. I'm pretty sure she made at least one other, but I didn't get a picture of it.

Maura worked on her small, but adorable snowman wall hangings. Thanks to help from Michele and Kathy, she was able to pull her backing fabric around to the front for binding and miter the corners. I'll tell you what, Maura is getting pretty darn good at her machine applique stitching.  :-)

Maura also finished up the hand stitching on this Block of the Month wool project. 

Speaking of Michele, Saturday was her first Old Bags' Day and I think she fit right in. She worked on some umbrellas and of course I didn't get any pictures. ARRGGHHH!! She is  making at least some of the umbrellas for gifts and doing the same thing that I am.We're making coordinating Tahoe Tote bags. What is it that they say about great minds?  hehehe

As usual, Rhonda created some awesome pieces. This table runner is just plain fun. I wish you could see the fabric she used for the binding. It is perfect!

I love the prairie points along the edges of this alphabet quilt. 

And these trees are so beautiful. The white background makes me think of walking in the woods on a cold winter day right after a snowfall. 

Sheryll and Linda were both sewing with us and were working on a cool quilt for their mom. I'm honored that they chose one of my patterns to use and that I could help them. I didn't get any pictures of the project, but I did get a picture of the manual for Sheryll's new sewing machine. I am so happy for her and thrilled that I got to be with her when she used it for the first time.  

Pam (not "Charming Stars" Pam), was working on her Bargello quilt and even though I didn't get pictures Saturday, I'll see it in class Thursday and will try to remember to take pictures then. She is making hers larger than the sample, so she has more strip tubes to sew.

Pat was working on an adorable minkee quilt that I can't wait to see finished. Pat had to leave while I was helping someone so I didn't get to see how far she had gotten, darn it!

Carolyn was working on lots of binding, but had to leave early as well. She has a bum leg that was giving her fits.

Deb was working on some hand quilting that is just beautiful and Doris worked her machine so much that she needed to give it a break. She usually brings her featherweight but opted for another one this time. 

We had two Marys with us and I didn't get a picture of either one! Mary #1 worked on a binding and was busy piecing away lots of blocks. Mary #2 continued work on her adorable pumpkin rag quilt. I think next time she'll be attaching the pumpkins and then she'll be combining blocks. Yippee!

Diane worked on more log cabins for her Maple Leaf Log Cabin quilt. Thanks Chris for helping her when I was busy! Diane's got her leaf fabrics organized and she'll begin working on those when we meet next month.

Donna worked on an OSU bag that she's making as well as her notions bag. I can't wait to see  how those turn out.

Whew! That's a lot of sewing and creating! 
I'm sure you can see what I mean about how this group inspires me. 
Thanks Ladies! 


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