Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween 2014 Pictures

I may just be prejudice but I think the kids all looked great this past Halloween. Check it out for yourself.

For years, my ex-husband's side of the family has had a big Halloween party and my girls have always love that. Now their kids are joining in the fun! Not only do they dress up and go out trick or treating together, they share a meal together, visit with Great Grandma and Grandpa, and just have a bunch of fun. Ty and Zach didn't dress up, but I think they had fun too.

I love Lynn's "costume." It was a neat way for her to announce the new baby (coming in March!) for those who don't already know.  

Avery was dressed as Pebbles from the Flintstones, but it was too cold and rainy for her to be outside. When everyone else went trick or treating, she brought her mom and dad over to visit. (Lynn's cousin Mandy and Aunt Debbie painted the kids faces. They do awesome work and have a business called Amazing Moments.)   

Since she couldn't be outside with everyone, Avery did a bit of "cooking" here. The shelf with the pots and pans has been a wonderful source of entertainment for these kids for a number of years. We just take the lids off, give them some wooden spoons and they have at it. The shelves are the perfect height and it's so much fun to watch them stir and stir. Pretty soon we hear, "Yum, yum" and "Taste?" Who says you need a TV or expensive electronic devices to have fun?    

Nikki has always gone "all out" for Halloween, and this year was no different.

Check out the close up of her face painting. Not a great picture, but you get the idea. The rest of the kids had the paint removed before they got here, so this is the only close up.  :-(  

Quinn was a pretty cute vampire! Her costume was made with warmth in mind. Nikki made the whole thing. (Actually, Nikki made all of their costumes and I think she did an awesome job!)

From this angle, Sadie looks like a cute little girl, doesn't she.

But when she turns around, you'll she that she's actually a wind up doll! She was warm too, with all those layers under the dress.

Ronan was simply adorable as a Halloween Pinata!

His bag covered up so much of his costume in the picture above that I had to show you the back side.

I'm not sure what was said or seen here, but Sadie looks a bit scared or freaked out.

As always, I'm one proud mom and grandma!

If you want to see the pictures from last year, click HERE. The kids were all characters from the Wizard of Oz and they looked amazing. 

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Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures. Nikki is a truly wonderful seamstress and the costumes, and the imagination which went into them is amazing.