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My Day! We Support You Blog Hop

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Welcome to my day of the 

We Support You Blog Hop

We can all use friends and there are few better than the two ladies who have organized this hop. 
Thanks Mdm. Samm @ Sew We Quilt! and 
You two are awesome!

I'm sure, like me, you've all been enjoying the wonderful creations using the darling bra pattern designed by Mdm. Samm. There's good news for you all. 

The "We Support You" Friendship Quilt Pattern is available 
for purchase for $12.00 by emailing Mdm Samm directly to

I look forward to seeing what you create!

Be sure to check out all of today's participants. 
You'll find some awesome eye candy and great inspiration!

Feb 10th  

Everyone Deserves A Quilt (You are here!)

As many of you know, I've been involved in a numerous breast cancer fundraising and awareness activities over the years and I was thrilled when this hop was announced!

Back in 2007 my daughter Lynn and I walked in our first Breast Cancer 3-Day, 60 Mile walk. Although it was challenging (physically and emotionally), we raised our required money ($2200 EACH!), did our training walks and thought we were totally prepared. Well, nothing could have prepared us for what we encountered! We met survivors, current fighters, caregivers, and many friends and family of those who lost their battle with the disease. 

Weather-wise, the weekend was miserable (rainy and cold), but I laughed and cried so much that weekend that the crappy weather didn't really matter. By the end of the event, I was hooked and Lynn and I signed up to walk the following year, and my husband Jack signed up to be a volunteer. In 2009, Jack and I walked in the Dallas 3-Day event and that is where I met my friend Darlene. From this point on, Darlene will be known as Darlin' because that is how her Dad said her name and that's what everyone calls her today. :-) Today's creations are for Darlin' - my inspiration and my hero. 

The rest of this post is an open letter to Darlin'. Please read and enjoy!

Dear Darlin' (I'm imagining your dad saying your name and you are right. He DOES sound just like Sam Elliott! - Oh My!!),

I think (hope) I've finally found a way to surprise you, and send a little bit of our Ohio winter your way.  :-)  I can't imaging being 40 years old and facing the "Big C" for a second time. You are an amazing woman who thinks of everyone else first and always works tirelessly to make others feel good, laugh and forget about their troubles, if even for only an hour. Well, today it's your day to laugh and forget.  :-)

Remember when you told me that chemo and radiation kicks your butt and makes you feel like that old worn and beat up sofa in your grandma's parlor? And even though you know it will grow back, you are angry that your long black hair is almost gone and that you'll soon simply need to use a towel, rather than a hair dryer. You hate the way you look and have started avoiding mirrors. You are angry with yourself because these changes are making you hate how you look, which you've never done before. In our last conversation, you said you just want to throw something or someone across the room and be done with the anger. 

Well guess what? Here's a "Dam**t Doll"* for you to do just that. There's a saying that goes along with this doll:

When everything goes wrong for you,
don't throw, kick or shout.
Here's a little "Dam**t Doll"
you just cannot be without.
Just grab it firmly by the legs
and find a place to slam it.
As you whack the stuffing out,
yell - Dam**t, Dam**t, Dam**t

Do you notice the old warn out sofa look to this doll? What about the sparse black hair and lack of eyes? I did that just for you Darlin'. And yes, this doll is in the middle of a snow bank!

Dammit Doll

Here's you doll's long-lost sister. She's the one Mom gave me a long time ago. 

Dammit Doll

Throw away that negative image of yourself because Darlin', you are BEAUTIFUL! I think you should come to Ohio and make snow angels with me! That will really make you feel wonderful.  :-)

When you made the decision to not have reconstructive surgery, you said your only regret was that you never wore one of those "pretty" bras. Over the years, you've also said that you are a cow girl through and through - down to your skivvies. Well, I've combined those two things for you and here's your "pretty" cow girl bra!

Bra Quilt - We Support You Blog Hop - Trapunto - Glow in the Dark Thread

And to show you (and your bra) that you are surrounded by love and support...

Bra Quilt - We Support You Blog Hop - Trapunto - Glow in the Dark Thread

Bra Quilt - We Support You Blog Hop - Trapunto - Glow in the Dark Thread

Darlin', your bra might not be filled anymore, but that doesn't matter. You have so many friends and family who care, and our heats are overflowing with love for you.

Bra Quilt - We Support You Blog Hop - Trapunto - Glow in the Dark Thread

I know you struggle at night because all those "demons" rear their ugly heads at 2:00AM, but you can turn off those lights and sleep tight my dear. Our words of support not only surround you during the day, but they glow in the dark and will support you while you sleep. (I wish I could have gotten a picture of the glowing, but my camera would just not cooperate! The words all really glow and it is awesome. I outlined stitched all the trapunto letters with Superior Threads' Nite Light Extra Glow and then stitched just outside that in red thread.)

Bra Quilt - We Support You Blog Hop - Trapunto - Glow in the Dark Thread

Bra Quilt - We Support You Blog Hop - Trapunto - Glow in the Dark Thread

Bra Quilt - We Support You Blog Hop - Trapunto - Glow in the Dark Thread

Bra Quilt - We Support You Blog Hop - Trapunto - Glow in the Dark Thread

And finally, because you love to carry a tote bag instead of a purse, here's a reversible one**  just for you. (Ok, I know you'd rather have a saddle bag, but I just couldn't do that!) I think it has a cow girl feel to it. You know, to match your bra. :-)

Reversible Tote Bag

Reversible Tote Bag

You sure you don't want to come to Ohio any time soon? We could go for a horse back ride.

 Bra Quilt - We Support You Blog Hop - Trapunto - Glow in the Dark Thread - Dammit Doll - Reversible Tote Bag

So in conclusion Darlin', Thanks for being a part of my life and allowing me to be a part of yours.

You are loved!


*Inspiration for the Dam**t Doll came from one that my mother gave me when I was going through my divorce in 1997. It made me laugh then and it still does. Here's a close up of the card that is attached to the doll. Looks like maybe I've used this a few times, doesn't it?  By the way, I apologize if this insults anyone. It certainly was not meant to be mean, but I knew that Darlin' would love this. 

Dammit Doll

**The tote bag is my adjusted version of The DIY Reversible 1 Hour Tote found at Haberdashery Fun. 

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Judy B said...

What great gifts for your friend! I know I would of loved having the Dam**t doll, it would of saved the phone books I shredded, lol! Thank you for sharing.

Anita said...

I love your bra quilt with all those encouraging words! Thanks for sharing.

Jane's Quilting said...

OK, you got me crying. I hope Darllin' reads this, for I want to tell her that she has my support and prayers. Your quilt is beautiful and I know she will love it. I praise you and thank you and your family for all your support helping all the cancer victims.

Heleen Groot said...

You are incredible. Just incredible. Darlin' will love her gifts! The quilt is gorgeous. And it lights up the dark! Amazing! You made me cry. You made me laugh out loud and I am so going to make that doll! Several times!

Elizabeth Coughlin said...

Your post and projects are so inspiring and wonderful! The quilt is especially gorgeous.

Mdm Samm said...

what a lovely tribute to a very special lady from an even more special one

charlotte said...

a very wonderful tribute to Darlin'. I am sure she will appreciate it.

Kate said...

Oh my, my glasses are sprinkled with tears. You are an incredible friend to Darlin. I love your projects and your dammit doll was a damn good idea! ♥

StitchinByTheLake said...

Oh. My. Goodness. This is just the sweetest letter and the most adorable doll ever! The quilt is over the top beautiful and I know will be treasured by your friend. What a wonderful to applaud her courage! I love, love, love it! blessings, marlene

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Wow!!! I don't usually tear up during my blog reading, but this is one great story. I just love your story and your beautiful quilt with the tote. you did a fantastic job on that quilt...thank you!!!!!!

Theresa said...

What a lovely tribute to your beautiful friend. Your quilt and bag are beautiful as well. The doll, isn't that funny!

Robin said...

I love all of your post today. Darlin is lucky to have a friend with such a big kind heart.

Robin in Washington State

Tammy said...

Love reading your post today. What care and thought and hard work and love went into this project. I know she will treasure this and you always. As a Breast Cancer Survivor I totally sympathize with your friend.

Linda said...

Wow! The quilt is gorgeous! What a great way to honor and support your friend! The bag and doll are also cute and will go so well with your gift!

Dorian said...

LOL, love the dammit doll and it brought back memories for me. My Grandma gave me one as a wedding present :) What a wonderful quilt and beautiful letter. Your fiend will adore them both, I'm sure.

Carol said...

This is such a sweet post to your friend! The doll, the quilt, the bag...all beautiful and lovely expressions of your friendship and support. I love them all!

Needled Mom said...

That is a fabulous way to support Darlene. I know she will be thrilled with each of the projects you have created in love. The quilt is just beautiful!

krislovesfabric said...

Beautiful quilt and projects with a beautiful message. Prayers for Darlin'

Lovelli Quilts said...

Your post made me cry and laugh--it was very moving. I love the doll, what a great way to relieve frustration and stress. Your quilt is lovely. Using glow in the dark thread was perfect.

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Wow such a lovely post. The quilt is fabulous, thank you for sharing and lots of hugs and prayers for Darlin'

creativity amongst chaos said...

That is a beautiful quilt. Thank you for allowing us all a little glimpse into you life today. Prayers go out to your Darlin'. All my best to you both.

Calicojoan said...

Incredible post. What a story and wonderful gifts to go along with it. I know it will be cherished forever. I must say, I had to laugh at your damn it doll. I played Bingo for years with a group of gals and we had one that was hurled at each other over and over when they won! LOL! Fun times they were. That doll was the most popular one at the table!

Deonn said...

What a wonderful letter, quilt, Dangitdoll, and bag you've made for your Darlin' friend. The quilt is lovely - how fun that you used glow in the dark thread to outline the words. So sweet and kind of you, and it appears that your support might be just what she needs at this time.

Mary said...

What a beautiful job you did on your quilt. It turned out so pretty. Thank you for sharing.

The Slow Quilter said...

OH MY!! I love what you have created. The quilting, the words, the bra. Your support is great along with the quilt. I also love ther reversible bag.

Renee said...

Your letter to Darlin' made me leak. What an amazing show of support to your dear friend. I love the fun outlet for anger and frustration. The tote is great. Your quilt is just beautiful and I have no doubt it will be greatly cherished.

Scrapatches said...

Joanne ... this is an "I laughed until I cried" post. You and Darlin's loving and fighting spirit come through so strong.

The doll and poem and note is heart touching.

Your quilt is so beautiful. The colors and words and stitching are sew perfect.

Thank you sew much for sewing your support and joining in this hop ... <3 Pat

KaHolly said...

I have goosebumps clear down to my toes!

Createology said...

The bond that you have with Darlin is beyond touching and I thank you for sharing your Support and amazing gifts of LOVE, HOPE, HEAL, LIVE that you have created. Blessings and thank you sew very much for hopping.

Annette Schultz said...

oh what a wonderful quilt. And we could all use one of those little dolls from one time to another...
in stitches

Thearica said...

These gifts are all incredible! But that quilt...it is amazing!

For a chuckle.. my father in law says damn-it a lot. His kids even bought him a stepping stone to put in his rose garden that says "Grow Damn It"... well, we were at a craft show once and someone was selling these dolls. I bought him one... this was about 10 years ago. It still sits beside him in the tv room to this day.

Baa. xxx said...

Love your beautiful quilt made specially for your friend. How amazing that it glows in the dark!
That doll is funny!

Julia Plunkett said...

Such a touching story behind your quilt and doll! Both are truly great gifts for your friend. Thanks for sharing.

Suze said...

Fabulous! I'm afraid I might have gone through several Da***t dolls when I went through my divorce. It started in 1995 and didn't end until 1998 and it's still a sore spot. Darlin' is blessed to have you in her life. She is an amazing lady and has will be blessed with the quilt. She cannot help but know how much she is loved when she in wrapped up in that quilt. It should make the demons flee in the middle of the night. All the love that has gone into the quilt is obvious. You and your family are certainly warriors against this disease. Thank you for participating, being a great inspiration with your project, your inspiring story and Darlin' and her inspiration.

Carla said...

What a great post. I really enjoyed your tribute to Darlin'. Love the doll and need to make my own. Your quilt is so perfect and pretty. You really did this hop proud.
My niece has traveled and participated in those walks. Last year she did every one of them. She raised all the money she needed to do it too. She was a fundraising fool, but she did it!! She paid her own way to each one. I'm so proud of her and she has made friendships as you have.

Doris Rice, The Quilting Queen said...

What such appropriate gifts for Darlin'. So much thought and love went into all of the them. The quilt is over the top wonderful! So creative!

apple blossom said...

awesome quilt

LJ said...

Oh my; thank you for sharing this story and this letter to Darlin. What a lovely friend you are and the quilt is more than wonderful!! The idea to add the night lite thread was just so darn creative and thoughtful. I wish I'd thought of this darnit doll when my sister was fighting breast cancer; she would have loved it. Support the cause and the girls!

madebymeinred said...

Great goodies. Love the doll and the message. Wonderful.! The quilt is marvelous with great colors and extremely beautiful quilting.

sandra said...

Tears came to my eyes because some of it paralleled my life. I to have been through B.C and after my initial mastectomy and a decision not to have reconstruction I just didn't feel right so chose to have my other Breast removed and they found pre-cancerous which I praised God for giving me the feeling the Breast had to go even thou I fought with Dr. for a year . I am so sorry for your sweet friend and I pray for her recovery. I know she will love the beautiful quilt and make good use of the doll. Although I am a ten year survivor we always know it can come back so I ltry to live each day to max. Blessing

Quilt n Queen said...

A beautiful quilt for your friend Darlin'...you will make her heart sing as her eyes tear...knowing your love and support will surround her and give her comfort as she fights for a second time the dreaded 'C'. Love the Dam**t doll... Thanks for sharing your support...Pauline

Amy said...

That is just beautiful! The quilt, the letter to your friend, the bag, and doll. I am sure that Darlin' will love all the care and love that you put into it all.

Mary Davis said...

As usual, Joanne, you have managed to do it all - the charming quilt, a great tote, the perfect little dam**t doll, that will probably serve to just make Darlin' smile when she sees it, serving its purpose! To wrap it all up with a note from the heart makes it all the perfect gift, clearly showing your friend that she has REAL friends who care about her, she is not and will never be alone. Your gift will envelope her in a cocoon of love and caring that will calm her and help heal her body and soul. You are an amazing person with amazing talent. I wanna be you when I grow up!

Michele said...

Oh wow. I'm just blown away...by the letter, the fabulous doll, the awesome quilt and the soo pretty tote. She will have no doubt how much she is loved.