Sunday, May 31, 2015

How Did This Happen? Picture HEAVY Post

It's official. I've missed a week of posting, but that doesn't mean that I didn't do anything. Between the holiday, having a lot of odds and ends things to do, and having a computer that didn't want to play nice, the week just flew by. Oh well...Life goes on.

I've been sewing and finishing up things and will post pictures of those in the next few days; but today I want to share some FUN pictures of things that have happened this past week.

We all know how quickly time flies, but I have become very aware of it since having children and now grandchildren. One day you have a baby and what seems like the next day, they are in school and doing all kinds of amazing things. That's how I felt this past week. 

Quinn was the cutest baby, with a ton of hair and it was so dark!

She has always loved to play outside and learn new things. Notice how long and light her hair is in this picture. She'd had MANY hair cuts by the time this picture was taken.  

And she LOVED her home made binoculars! 

And now she's strapping on the pads to go bike riding!

And she's ready to take on the world. Ok, she's taking on bike riding, but in Grandma's eyes, it's the world. Love the helmet, don't you?

And her first GOOD ride lasted 14 seconds. WooHoo! (The video isn't great, but quite honestly I didn't expect her to ride for very long. Does that make me a bad grandma?)

Quinn is losing teeth (two and counting - fortunately it's not from bike riding)...

And she still loves spending time and learning new things with Grandpa Jack.

Sadie has always been a fun and happy child. She's always loved to hang out and chill. 

And she's ALWAYS loved to play dress up and dance and sing.

I think the Irish Jig is her favorite dance. (Can you see Ronan peeking around the corner? I think he's trying to figure out what's going on with all that noise.)

And sometimes, she sings and dances for so long that we have to tell her (nicely, of course), that we need a break.

And she STILL loves to dress up and dance!  

Sadie has a wonderful smile and sense of humor. She's growing up way too fast! 

And I can't believe that it's been almost two years since Avery was born. Those scary first minutes and hours following her birth seem like just last week.

Her smile and sparkling eyes just make me melt.

Even when she's just awakened from a nap, Avery is a cutie pie!

She loves to "help" in the kitchen and I think she's going to make a wonder cookies froster for me. (I love to bake the cookies, but HATE frosting.)

I think she's a natural.

And of course you have to try a cookie or two before you can give them away, right? I'm pretty sure that is Avery's favorite part of helping.

And Peyton is following in her sister and cousins' footsteps. At the hospital, Jack was having a heart to heart chat.

And he's having another chat after a diaper change. I wonder if he's telling her that she should only fill the diaper when Mom and Dad are home to take care of it.  :-) I see many more of these in the future.

I think the following is my favorite picture of the Dendinger Girls!

Ronan wasn't here while the girls were, but he will be later this week. So, I guess I'm giving you fair warning that another post like this will happen soon. But, just to give you a preview of what's to come...

Ronan was such a beautiful baby and is turning into a very handsome young man!

As with the other kids, there is always "Grandpa Jack Time!"

And he made a great Flying Monkey for Halloween in 2013. (They had a Wizard of Oz theme and Nikki made their outfits. Click HERE to see them all. She is so talented!)

I can't wait to share some more recent pictures of this young man. He is a joy, but I think that's enough for today. Have a great week!

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

Grandkid time is 'grand' time - I agree. Enjoy them, they grow so fast.