Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tip Tuesday! Totally Tutorials

"Tip Tuesday!" - Totally Tutorials

I love learning new things and then sharing that knowledge with my quilting friends. So, every Tuesday I'll provide some tips, hints, tricks, tutorials, shortcuts, etc. that I've learned over the years and share them here on the blog. 

"Tip Tuesday" will be a collection of information about a wide variety of subjects garnered from a large variety of sources.  I am not an expert by any means and do not take credit for being the great wizard behind all of these hints and tips. I will gladly give due credit whenever possible.

These tips will be archived and accessible to you just by clicking on the "Tip Tuesday" tab above. 

Read, enjoy, and be inspired!
First of all, I realize that it seems like I only post on Tuesday now, but honestly that is not intentional. I've just been overloaded with things to do and the blog takes a back seat to other things. Of course, as you can tell, sometimes my Tip Tuesday posts don't happen until late in the day on Tuesday. Oh well...

As we all know (or suspect), you can find just about anything on the net. If you need to know how to sew on a binding, just use your favorite search engine and you'll have an answer (and get your quilt bound) in no time at all. 

Sometimes I find it a bit scary at how much we can find on the net, but when it comes to quilting and cooking, I'm ok with it.

One of my favorite blogs is called Totally Tutorials and I follow and read it almost every day. 
The sub-title for the blog is "A Directory of Free Craft Tutorials" and that pretty much sums it up.

The variety of tutorials is amazing. One day you'll have a tutorial for an arm chair pin cushion and the next you'll have a tutorial for soup. There really is something for everyone. 

There are a number of frequent contributors and I like that because it provides a sense of reassurance that the project will work as described. (I've followed tutorials exactly as written and end up with a disaster only to find out that the writer had not actually made the item. He/she had sketched it out and it "worked" on paper. Oh that makes me so angry!) 

Kym also has an etsy shop and a sister blog, which means that there's even more fun stuff to see and make.

Check out the blog. 
I know you won't be disappointed.

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