Wednesday, July 22, 2015

You Just Have to Have FUN!

I am so fortunate to be able to teach at shops that are fun and filled with absolutely some of the most creative people around.

Check out this video of Mabel and Ethel announcing their winner of the Row by Row. Darn it! I can't get the video to upload so you'll have to click the link to see it.

And check out how they have introduced their summer Christmas Specials

I am so lucky and happy to be part of this team. And by the way, if you are in the shop and you hear them call out for Agnes, that's me, using my "old" name.

I hope you are able to have fun and find joy in whatever you do.


Valerie Reynolds said...

The elves are adorable!!! A fun work place IS awesome!

Mabel and Ethel of ME Quilt Shoppe said...

We love the post Agnes! We love that you can laugh at us and with us!