Saturday, February 4, 2017

Quilts in Progress - Catch Up Time

I had quite a busy week. I subbed a couple of day, helped with some sick grand kids, spent fun time with grand kids, and actually did some sewing.

Avery and Peyton were not feeling well, but snuggling up in their mermaid tails certainly helped. I know I'm prejudice, but I think they are so darn cute!

This picture makes me laugh out loud! When it was nap time, Peyton wanted to keep reading instead of lying down. This is the face she made. I had to tell her twice, and the second time I was ready with the camera.  hahaha   I can only imagine that is the kind of face I'd make if someone told me that I had to stop sewing and go to sleep. 😏  

Ronan was excited that I picked him up from school and that I was hanging out with him and his sisters. When he did the fist pump, he said, "Yes!" I'm sure I look like when someone asks me to go fabric shopping with them. 😂 

I didn't get to spend nearly enough time with this whole bunch, but I loved every minute that I was there.

I did say that I got some sewing done. I don't have pictures of everything, but I've been working on projects made from layer cakes and jolly bars. (I have a couple of trunk shows coming up and I wanted to update and replenish my quilts.)

These two small quilts actually have pieced borders now, but I didn't take pictures when they were still on the wall. They were made entirely from a single layer cake and they measure approximately 36" square.

On Monday, I posted that I was working on my Precious Gem quilt. All of the 5" x 10" rectangles are sewn, trimmed, and pressed. I've got this pile of 84 HSTs almost all pressed and trimmed too. I hope to get both projects pieced this weekend or early next week.

While I've been working,  Jack's been working on a few of his own projects. Here's the heliograph me made from scratch. He and a friend have been trying to make this work, but they need good sunlight for it to function properly. They are going to try this afternoon, even though it's going to be cold.

Maybe the decent weather will encourage me to take some quilt pictures outside. Or, maybe I'll just stay inside and sew.

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Suze said...

Adorable pictures of the children! How did you get any sewing done? My son and his 3 year old daughter live with me. I get absolutely nothing done with her here. She is an absolute handful. I had two children - one was ADD and the other ADHD. I thought my son was literally going to climb the draperies. He was rarely asleep when his dad got home from work at 11:30 PM. I can't remember when he did take naps - 39 years is a long time to try to remember, but still it seems he didn't take a nap after 18 months. I worked full time and then had another full time job with children when I got home. It wasn't just until bedtime with them - it was late with them. It was for lack of trying to get him in bed. She was in bed early. This child is different, different, different. She seems to have separation issues. Her mother went to jail late last February and she came to us and my son got full permanent custody in October. Her mom used drug and alcohol during pregnancy. So, we have no idea exactly with what we are dealing and what she had before she came to us. My son was with her there for a very, very short time. I will say she is a totally different child than when she first arrived - all for the better and we still have a long way to go. I love her to the moon. She's sitting in the floor, singing right now. That's rare to be alone in the floor even with me in the room. What a dressed up handsome young man! I'm impressed. I love that the grands get the experience of fabric shopping. I think they need to be exposed to as many positive experiences as possible. I take my granddaughter with "the girls" and me to eat. They enjoy her, too. Glad to see your progress and Jack's.