Thursday, May 25, 2017

Quilting and Beyond...

I know that most of my family and friends would argue that quilting takes up the majority of my life and that's all I really think about; but that really isn't true.

Yes, it's true that I can figure out a way to put a quilting twist on just about any conversation. And yes, I spend a lot of time at my sewing machine. Yes, I have a huge number of finished quilts and a bunch of not-finished quilts. I know that I have a boatload of fabric earmarked for specific projects, and even more that I bought with no project in mind. (For the record, I don't usually do that any more!) But honestly, there is more to life than quilting.

Yesterday, Jack and I helped out Nikki and Zach by watching their kids so they could go to Columbus for the Star of Life Award ceremony. You can read about the award HERE  and  HERE

It's always fun to have the grand kids here, but yesterday was especially fun. While I was getting supper ready, Quinn noticed an animal in the back yard and called all the kids to come see it. It was a HUGE raccoon. You can't see the animal, but you can see how intrigued and interested the kids were.

Earlier in the day while Quinn and Sadie were at school and Bailey was napping, Ronan watched a deer make it's way along the edge of the ravine. It was eating leaves the whole time and Ronan was thrilled. He watched it until it made it's way to the back edge of the property and went down the hill, out of our sight. Ronan was so intrigued and told the girls all about it on the way home from school. Of course he also told them about the two dead fish he saw when he and Jack took a walk on the pier. 😂  I knew that really impressed him because he told me about that as soon as he got home. He told me that even before he told me about the ice cream cone Grandpa bought him.  It had a face on it and because it was candy, he could eat the face. That made him giggle!

After supper, the kids made something special to surprise Zach when he came home. I made a batch of brownies while they all made signs.  Here's Quinn's. She decorated each letter, including Zach's face in the "o". She looked up the Star of Life symbol and included that and the Paramedic symbol on the poster. She told me that her dad loves the United States, so she made the heart look patriotic. Yep, I think she's proud of her dad!

Perhaps this picture will give you an idea as to why I think Zach is good at what he does. He can stay focused, even in the midst of chaos...

and he is always aware of what's going on around him.

Hmmmm, maybe I should make him a quilt to commemorate his award.  💙 💙

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

This is such a nice post. I'm just like those kids. Any sign of an wild animal will catch my attention until it's gone, except squirrels. They are so abundant I hardly see them anymore. I wish I could find more time for my sewing machine. I'm thinking I should bring it into the living room sew I can keep my husband company AND sew.
Have a nice holiday.
xx, Carol