Monday, August 23, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I'm teaching a couple of classes over the next month or so at a local quilt shop and I'm taking time to get my supplies, samples. and lessons in order. Besides the Weaver Fever Quilt, I'll be teaching English Paper Piecing (EPP). I'll be teaching the technique of EPP and not an actual project, and when I teach a technique rather than a project, I like to have a couple of possible quilt layouts or other projects for the students. I do this because I think it helps "sell" the class and I want them to have a project to make so they can practice and perfect the technique.

As you know, I've been working on piecing 60 blocks for my king-sized hexagon/grandmother's flower garden quilt and I have 14 blocks done.

I don't plan on putting the entire quilt top together until I have all of the blocks made so I'll have them "together" on a portable design wall to show what the final product will look like (I'm a control freak, remember? I need to have the flexibility of arranging the blocks before I start sewing them together .)

Anyway, after reading Bonnie Hunter's blog a few days ago about pulling out a hexagon UFO to work on, I was inspired to make a small sample using the hexagons - but in a total different type of setting. Below is the beginning of the sample and a quick sketch of what I'm planning. Of course this means that I have to set aside my other blocks to work on this, but I'm excited to see how this turns out. Actually, as we all know I NEVER work on just one project at a time so I'll probably work on both of these hexagon projects, Sadie's quilt, the couple of memory quilts that I need to finish, and whatever UFO I happen upon that "speaks" to me again. :-)

I'll applique the finished star onto another piece of fabric (probably black, to match the look and feel of my guild retreat quilt) and make this a wallhanging to go with that quilt. I'm using left-over fabrics from the retreat to make this project so I'll be using stash!! YEAH!!!

Check out what other quilters have on their design walls by going to Judy L.'s Patchwork Times.


Teaquilts said...

Joanne love your hex projects. I too want to make one and just the massiveness of the thing just scares me. I will get over it and day.

Diane said...

oh my gosh what a great post! you've got so many terrific projects going on. I love the weaver feaver quilt-made a couple myself. They turn out so well!
I love the grandmothers flower blocks-don't think I'd ever tackle one but love seeing others progress on them!

Nina-Marie said...

My gosh this seems very familiar -I'm doing the same thing except with trapezoids. I'm only half way done and its such a huge project!! Good luck with yours!

ANudge said...

LOL - I'm tired after reading your post of all that you are up to. But they're going to be great. Will visit back to see the progress.

Gari said...

I really like your star hexie plan. I have made one true GMFG block and one fake (Eleanor Burns) but swore I would never do another. However, I do need a handwork project to take along with me and maybe that is just what is needed. Hummmmmmm

Vicki said...

So pretty. I think hexagon blocks are so lovely. I think a big quilt made from them would be overwhelming for me but I truly appreciate them.