Monday, April 4, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Even though it hasn't been a very "quilty" place around here lately, I do have something on my design wall today.
This is Margarita Sunrise by Daniela Stout of for Hoffman Fabrics. This uses a bali pop and is fun and easy to construct. I threw this up on the wall and worked on it one night while my sister and niece were here for their "Destination Vacation" spring break. (It was wonderful and wish that it could have lasted longer!)

March was really busy with working, not feeling great, having grandchildren and other family visiting, and finally going on a "Fiber Weekend" with my step-daughters (more on that later). Even though I wasn't very productive quilt-wise, March was wonderful!

Check out what other quilters have on their design wall by going to Judy L.'s Patchwork Times!


knittingbrow said...

a fiber weekend.
you went to a fiber weekend and didn't tell me?
ummmm...I like yarn and fiber...
you don't really know me at all, do you?


Joanne said...

Well....we were going to invite you and David, along with other people, but then Linda and Sheryll wanted to each make a quilt so even though we kept the same name for the weekend, it really was just a "Quilt Weekend." Stayed tuned because we've got some great ideas for future (and real) Finer Weekends!

Jennifer said...

Great quilt!

Gari said...

Oh, I really like that quilt. It is so cheery.