Friday, April 15, 2011

Making Another, Just Like the Other

This post title sounds like a song doesn't it? Well, ok, maybe not.

Anyway, I'm making another Seek and Find quilt. Here's the original.
I made this at least 5 years ago, well before I had any grandchildren and I made it because it sounded like fun. Each fussy cut block center has a match, except for one. Besides keeping you warm, this quilt provides you with lots of entertainment. Or in the case of grandchildren, it provides them with a distraction from fighting bedtime!

This quilt was on display at the Berlin Hts. Basket Festival and the Milan Museum Quilt Show one year and it was fun to watch the people as they stood there for a long time finding all the matches and the "orphan." Isn't it amazing how competitive we are? We can't just look at this and say "Wow, that's fun." No, we have to play the game and race to find the matches before the person next to us. :-)

Anyway, the new quilt has all new fussy cut centers and they are fun! I've sewn all the blocks and am in the process of trimming them. Since I haven't done anything to my hair yet today and I've got to head out the door in 15 minutes for an appointment in Norwalk followed by a trip to Toledo, I'll post a picture later today of the new blocks.

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