Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Signs of Spring

So how do you recognize the beginning of Spring? Is it the first splash of color with a single daffodil plant?
Or do you need to see the beautiful yellow spray of a clump of daffodils to really believe it's Spring?
Speaking of yellow, what about the gorgeous forsythia? I love how this looks in the morning with the early sun shining on it. But then again, the late afternoon sun is wonderful too. Oh heck, I just love to see this in bloom!
Maybe tulips are more your style. Don't you love seeing the first buds of tulips?
I think this is exciting and I can't wait to see what color is going to pop out of this plant. We have lots of tulips planted around here and when they are in bloom, the color is amazing! Do you see the lily plant next to the tulip? I love the deep green of those leaves.

Maybe flowers aren't your thing. Maybe you need to see some fruit or vegetable to feel like Spring has sprung. What about this rhubarb? Can't you just smell the pie or taste the strawberry/rhubarb jam?
Even though I really enjoy seeing all of the items above, I really look forward to seeing this. Do you know what it is?
These are itty bitty black-eyed susans! I LOVE these plants and we have a very large bed of them in the front yard. It's a wonderful feeling to wake up in the morning, look out the bedroom window and see these plants! Nothing like kick starting the day with color!

What's my least favorite sign of spring? That's an easy one.....
It's the dreaded mole hill. I swear that every year we have more and more moles. I think we are their favorite vacation spot. I can just hear the conversation at the annual mole convention when they decide where to invade visit. "Hey, did you make it up to the Hubbard yard last year? No, well you've got to go this year. It's wonderful and there's so much room for us to destroy. Do you know the best part? They don't use chemicals so you don't have to worry about getting sick. It's the "in place to be!"

No matter what you see as the first sign of Spring, I hope you enjoy it!

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