Friday, May 3, 2013

Another Squishy Received!

Getting the mail the last few days has been really fun! Even though there have been some bills in there (YUCK!), there has also been some squishy goodness.

I don't often buy kits, but about a week ago, I ordered and received a kit that I ordered from Creative Quilt Kits.  This is an Alphabet Soup Quilt pattern by AD Designs and I had some contact with Alicia DeBello, the designer. She was really easy to deal with and if you'd like to see all of her patterns click here. She'll gladly e-mail you a pdf catalog.

I added the black fabric because I'm thinking about using that instead of the little grey and red squares that are in the center of the letters. We'll see. I have a couple of people that would really like OSU quilts and since I have another pattern also, they won't get the same quilt. YEAH!

Remember this post when I showed my winnings from Loris at Lucky Pup Quilter? I just started reading the book and am enjoying it so far.

If you can believe it, yesterdays mail included more fun stuff! Check this out.

I won this from Cathi at Quilt Obsession during her April Showers Blog Hop giveaway. Be sure to check out what she made using the fabrics above by clicking HERE.
I know the squishy goodness mail call has come to an end (unless I get busy and order more kits), but it sure has been fun. I hope you get enjoy some goodness soon too!

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Cathi said...

I'm glad it arrived safely! Have fun with that little kit. :-)