Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pleasant Reminders

Quite often I am reminded of the wonderful people who have come into my life because of quilting. Yesterday I mentioned my awesome friend Kare who loaned me her machine while mine were not here or on the fritz. That's not the only things she does that makes her so awesome, but that would be a completely different (and long) post.  :-)

This morning, while doing some paperwork, I spilled a bit of my coffee and went to the sink to get a washcloth to clean up the mess. While I was wiping up the spill, I just had to smile because I was using the washcloth that my new friend Chris made for me. Of course, I was also using the mug rug she made for me, which I have done almost every day since she gave it to me because it is so darn cute!  :-)

Here's a close up of both items. I love the green; and for a couple of years now I've incorporated that shade of green or something similar in MANY of my projects - quilting and others.
Isn't this mug rug simply adorable? Now can you see why I use it all the time?
Chris is a relatively new quilter who has taken a few classes from me. Let me tell you, she may be new, but she does really nice work. Her piecing has been superb on the quilts she's made!
Thanks Chris!! 

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