Friday, May 3, 2013


I've been playing around a bit trying to organize my work area better and I like how I've added a few inspirational items. I've had the picture of Mom on my sewing area since it was given to me but it has often been pushed to the back and not visible.

I really needed something to contain the cord around my light (which my brother Jerry gave me for my birthday) so the controller is easier to use and the big flashy diamond ring from Mom is the perfect solution. See the flower in the pencil holder? Mom made that for me a few years back and it's the top of a pen. I use it frequently and since the flower is removable, it's easy to transfer it to a new pen when needed.


I have a picture of Dad close by too. It's on the left side of the sewing machine just under my embroidery thread. I've always like this picture!

Maybe it's because Mother's Day is fast approaching, but I sure do miss Mom, Dad and John. This little set-up is helping me feel like they are close by, providing even more inspiration and are my constant sewing partners.

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