Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Finishes

Although it's not completely done (quilted and bound), I did finish this quilt top.

When I showed this on Monday, I only had the bottom two quadrants completely sewn and part of the top left. Well, it's done and the border is on it. (I did reduce the border size from 10" to 8" because I added some of the border fabric to the interior of the quilt and I didn't figure that into the yardage I bought. Oh well; I like it anyway.) I need to think about the quilting of this for a while, so I doubt that it will be completed real soon. Maybe one of you have a quilting suggestion and I can get right to it.  :-)

In case you forgot, here's what the original quilt looks like - Zen Cabin, by Zen Chic- Brigitte Heitland.

I know this isn't everyone's taste, but I was taken by the above picture and wanted to try something outside my comfort zone. I know that one of my brother-in-laws doesn't love this because when he saw the partial top he asked (in a very polite way), "Why would you make something like this?" :-) That made me laugh.  

One thing I love about this quilt is that I pieced it entirely on my featherweight. It is kind of funny that something so modern looking was sewn on a featherweight that had just been used to piece this beauty.

I just find the difference so fun. I'm loving the experience I'm getting sewing with this machine. I'm one happy quilter.

And one week ago today, I was in the middle of our annual sisters' long weekend and loving every minute of it. The flowers that my future brother-in-law sent us are a pleasant reminder of that time. Thanks Robert, and thanks to my lovely and very talented sisters. I love you all! 


Maartje Quilt said...

I love your Zen-quilt, but the featherweight quilt is such a beauty!!!
You are lucky to have such a sister weekend.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love your Zen quilt - yes, playing outside our boundaries is good for us from time to time.