Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tip Tuesday! - Scissor Care

"Tip Tuesday!" - Scissor Care

I love learning new things and then sharing that knowledge with my quilting friends. So, every Tuesday I'll provide some tips, hints, tricks, tutorials, shortcuts, etc. that I've learned over the years and share them here on the blog. 

"Tip Tuesday" will be a collection of information about a wide variety of subjects garnered from a large variety of sources.  I am not an expert by any means and do not take credit for being the great wizard behind all of these hints and tips. I will gladly give due credit whenever possible.

These tips will be archived and accessible to you just by clicking on the "Tip Tuesday" tab above. 

Read, enjoy, and be inspired!

How many pairs of scissors does one person really need? Sadly, this isn't all of the scissors that I own, but these are the ones that I use most often. How many do you own? 

Now, the bigger question is how well you take care of your scissors. I admit that I don't care for mine nearly as well as I should. As a matter of fact, while using the pair second from the left, I realized that they, along with a few others, need to go to the "Scissor Spa" to be sharpened, cleaned, oiled, etc. They'll be on their way within the next day or so and I am positive that we will all be much happier upon their return.  :-)

So, what can we do to take better care of our scissors? Probably first and foremost is to use the scissors properly and for the tasks for which they are intended. 

It really is a good idea (Yes, I understand it can be costly.), to have a separate pair of scissors for fabric only. You and your scissors will be much happier! And if you are going to have two pairs, clearly mark them so there is no mistaking paper vs. fabric. We really do want to avoid confusion. 

"don't touch the fabric scissors"

Gingher has provided some very useful information HERE about Maintaining your Gingher Scissors and these pointers are not exclusive to their scissors.

Haley Pierson-Cox over at The Zen of Crafting shares some information on Crafting 101: How to Clean and Oil Your Scissors if you want to do it DIY style.

Remember, to do the best work we can requires that we have quality, well-taken care of tools. You and your projects deserve that!

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Createology said...

Thank you once again for these great tips. I have quite a few pairs of scissors and I am very protective of them from other's possible abuse. Scissor Bliss...