Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bailey Shae

It didn't all go as planned, but all went well and Bailey Shae was born a little after midnight on Saturday. I think she's adorable, but then again, I'm grandma.  :-)

I love this picture! They were all so tired, but who couldn't smile after the arrival of the bundle of joy?

Even Bailey is yawning!

And just like her oldest sister, she had a head full of dark hair.

We took the other kids to meet their new sister Saturday late morning and they were so excited!

Quinn is already such a good big sister and I think she's ready to do it all over again. 

Sadie just can't believe how cute Bailey is and told us that a number of times. She did tell us that it's ok that her name isn't Apple Blossom. :-)


And Ronan gives Bailey a two thumbs up approval. He even gave her the "serious" (mouth-closed) smile. :-) You can't ask for more than that.  

And cousin Avery gives her kiss of approval. 

Lynn grabbed the chance to hold her for just a minute before taking the other five kids to her house for the day and night. (And I thought it was loud with just the three kids at my house for two days.)

Grandpa Jack held her for a few minutes. We'll go back this afternoon so he can give her the "new baby talk" which includes a, "We've already loved you for nine months and we are so happy you're here." 

Zach is already the doting father - again!

And of course, there was one final "sibling time" before heading to Lynn's house for the day. The kids are so excited and they can't wait to get Bailey home. Of course Quinn and Sadie are excited to share the news with their teachers and classmates.

As I said before, life sure is good!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Congratulations to everyone!

Needled Mom said...

Aww....a perfect day. Loved seeing the excitement of the other children.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Congratulations!! Beautiful pictures of ALL and I love her name too.

Chris Henson said...

I'm so very happy for you. God Bless you all!!