Friday, September 11, 2015

Pure Joy! - Updated

I kind of started a tradition of taking a family picture right before new babies are born. This picture was supposed to happen a few times over the past couple of weeks, but just never did, so last night was a "get it done or just don't do it" time for the picture. 

I have to tell you that it was not an easy task to get this picture! Between kids turning to look at their parents, dancing kids (Sadie is posing, not dancing), babies pulling hair, and closed eyes, I thought this picture would never happen. 

Out of all the pictures I took, there were an awful lot of pictures like the one below. More of these, than like the one above.  :-)

It was pretty funny and whenever my grand kids see a camera, they want to pose, and this time was no different. All Quinn wanted to do was get her picture taken doing a "fancy pose." I think Avery and Sadie had other plans. 

They wanted to wrestle instead.

And after Lynn and her family left, Grandpa Jack had an audience for his reading. Quinn, Sadie, and Ronan are spending the night and this was just the beginning of the reading that was done.

And sometime today we will welcome a new joy into our lives, as Nikki and Zach are headed to the hospital later this morning!

Life sure is good!

Update: Just as Nikki and Zach were heading to the hospital for the scheduled inducing, they were contacted and told that the ward was short-staffed and they should hold off on going in. They were told that the hospital would contact them later to see if there was room for Nikki, so now they aren't sure what's going to happen. 

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that she'll just go naturally, especially since she's been having contractions since last night. Unfortunately they haven't progress much, but who knows.  

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Such a beautiful pics!