Friday, September 25, 2015


In an attempt to get things cleaned up and more organized around here, I decided that I needed to start tackling that "Tub of Shame" that has tops ready for quilting. The backing and binding fabrics are with each top, so what is the problem? 


I say that I have been super busy and not had time to do much, but in reality it's just that I really stink at time management. Yes, I've been busy and have had deadlines to meet, grand kids to watch, classes to teach, etc. but I'm sure I could have used my down time more wisely. I'm not beating myself up here, I am just admitting that I really could empty that tub if I tried. I have other tops ready for quilting as well, but in most cases I don't have the backing yet so they have not been put in the tub.

This past weekend I had quilting and embroidery that needed done for other people, so I decided to grab a quilt or two from the tub and work on those as well. Since it had been a while since I've actually quilted, I figured that I should "practice" or get back into the swing of things on one of my small quilts before working on one for someone else. Great plan, right?

I thought so until I had issues with the machine and couldn't quilt. Good thing I have a wonderful friend who came to the rescue and let me use her machine! I was able to finish the three quilts promised to others and even quilted one of mine! (By the way, the machine is "in rehab" and I'll be without it for at least 2-3 weeks. YUCK!!)

Two of the quilts are delivered and the third one will be later today. (I had to bind that one so it took me longer.) Mine is ready for binding, which I hope to machine stitch down tonight and have it ready to hand stitch Sunday evening. 

The picture isn't great, but this is a variation of a 1600/jelly roll race quilt that I made quite a while ago. It was made using a number of Kaffe Fassett fat quarters and I began this when Jack and I were in Washington Island. (I don't even want to try to figure out when that was. I just know it's been a while.)

It's quilted with the Alfresco panto and I like how it turned out. It measures 66" x 84," so it's a decent size. I have no plans for this, but am sure I'll figure out something. Maybe this is will be a sample I'll use when I host the "Strip Club" charity sew-ins. One of the groups always makes one of these quilts and I think the other sample is kind of boring. 

I have binding to hand stitch down on the mini teal swap project I made, but I can't show that yet. I don't want to ruin the surprise for the recipient. I also have binding to add to my project for a Halloween blog hop in which I'm participating. 

Being at this stage on these projects makes me very happy!

Hooking up to Confessions of a Fabric Addict today. Check out what other quilters have been finishing up as well.


Mary Huey said...

Tub of shame?? What's so wrong with having a stack of stuff ready to quilt?? LOL

Vroomans' Quilts said...

There is no tub of shame. And you have them stacked so pretty with backing and binding - that to me is efficient. I had mine in a tub, but then laid them out on the spare bed so I don't have to re-press everything. I just have to work from the top down - and hope I don't need the bed.